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RaspberryPi Modules[edit]

The following contents include all of our products, Top10 modules are list here, those modules are fit for Raspberry Pi A,A+,B,B+,2 Model B,3 Model B and some other platform. you can select one of them and click the links to get more information about it.


This is Hardware Compatible List. Hardware Compatible List

Hat Stack[edit]

Development Boards[edit]

IoT Modules[edit]

Tinker Board[edit]

Raspberry Pi[edit]

Banana Pi[edit]

Extension Modules[edit]

Case & Enclosure & Heat sink[edit]


Power Supply[edit]

Raspberry Pi Kits[edit]

Official Support Products[edit]

X-Series Expansion Board[edit]

Operation System Card[edit]

52Pi Expand Modules ( End Of Life )[edit]


Some simple guides to setting up the software on your Raspberry Pi.
Beginners should start with NOOBS, which gives the user a choice of operating system from the standard distributions.
The recommended distribution for normal use is Raspbian. 
Alternatives are available, such as LibreELEC (Kodi media centre) or Arch Linux.