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RaspberryPi Modules

The following contents include all of our products, Top10 modules are list here, those modules are fit for Raspberry Pi A,A+,B,B+,2 Model B,3 Model B and some other platform. you can select one of them and click the links to get more information about it.


This is Hardware Compatible List. Depracated
Hardware Compatible List

Arduino Series

Arduino UNO R4 Wi-Fi Series

52Pi N Series


The 52Pi N series is a line of storage products where "N" stands for NAS (Network Attached Storage), and the numerical designation represents various models and product types. Users can choose different types based on their specific needs to fulfill their usage requirements.

Product SKU

Mini Tower Kit Series

Hat Stack

Starter Kit

Development Boards

RP2040 Series



ROCK Pi Series

Orange Pi Series

Raspberry Pi Pico Series

AI Learning

IoT Modules

Tinker Board

DeskPi Series

KZ series

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Pico & Pico W Breakout Board

Banana Pi

Gaming Assesories

Electronic Accessories

Extension Modules

Case & Enclosure & Heat sink

Cooling Accessories

 EOL stands for "End of Life", means this product will not produce any more

Electronic Engineer Tools


 EOL stands for "End of Life", means this product will not produce any more

Power Supply

Raspberry Pi Kits

Official Support Products

X-Series Expansion Board

New Products 2022.08.23 updated

Old Products 2018.6.6 updated

X series Acrylic Case