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GAME 5Pi case


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The Game 5Pi Case is a stylish and functional enclosure designed for the Raspberry Pi, offering enhanced cooling capabilities and a retro aesthetic. This case integrates the Armor Lite V5 heatsink and fan for efficient thermal management, along with an additional side fan cooling system. Crafted from durable ABS material, the compact design includes a removable cover for the unused USB and Ethernet ports, providing extra protection when not in use.


  • Armor Lite V5 Heatsink and Fan:The case comes equipped with the Armor Lite V5 heatsink and fan, ensuring optimal thermal dissipation for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Side Fan Cooling System: In addition to the main heatsink and fan, the case features a side fan cooling system to further enhance airflow and cooling efficiency.
  • ABS Material: Constructed from high-quality ABS material, the case provides durability and a sleek appearance, contributing to a retro and eye-catching design.
  • Compact and Retro Design: The compact form factor and retro design make the Game 5Pi Case visually appealing while maintaining a smaller footprint.
  • Movable Cover: A movable cover is included to protect the unused USB and Ethernet ports, preserving the aesthetics of the case and preventing dust or debris accumulation.
  • Easy Installation: The case is designed for easy and hassle-free installation, ensuring that users can set up their Raspberry Pi quickly and securely.
  • Compatibility: The Game 5Pi Case is specifically designed for Raspberry Pi models, providing a snug fit and compatibility with various Raspberry Pi configurations.
  • Ventilation and Airflow: Thoughtful ventilation and airflow design contribute to the efficient cooling of the Raspberry Pi, even during extended usage.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The combination of functional cooling elements and a retro design makes the Game 5Pi Case an aesthetically pleasing choice for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.


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How to assemble it ?

  • Please follow the installation steps to assemble it.

Pacakge Includes

  • 1 x ABS Upper case for Raspberry Pi 5
  • 1 x ABS Button case for Raspberry Pi 5
  • 1 x Armor Lite V5 Adjustable speed Fan
  • 6 x Thermal Pad
  • 1 x Screw driver
  • 2 x M2.5 Screw
  • 4 x Self-tapping screw


  • GAME 5Pi case, dural fan case for Raspberry Pi 5.