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3510 Heatsink for Rock Pi 4C Plus


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The 3510 heatsink designed for the Rock Pi 4C Plus is a cooling solution specifically tailored to dissipate heat generated by the board's components. In summary, the 3510 aluminum heatsink designed for the Rock Pi 4C Plus is a lightweight, efficient cooling solution. Its aluminum construction, finned structure, and optimized design enable effective heat dissipation, ensuring stable performance and extended lifespan for the Rock Pi 4C Plus board.


  • Material: The 3510 heatsink is crafted from high-quality aluminum, renowned for its excellent thermal conductivity and lightweight nature. Aluminum efficiently transfers heat away from the components, ensuring effective cooling while keeping the overall weight of the heatsink low.
  • Design: The heatsink is thoughtfully designed to perfectly fit the Rock Pi 4C Plus board. Its shape and size are specifically optimized to cover and cool the key heat-generating components, such as the processor and other integrated circuits, ensuring optimal thermal performance.
  • Finned Structure: The heatsink features a finned structure, which increases the surface area available for heat dissipation. This design enables better airflow and enhances the overall cooling efficiency of the heatsink, aiding in the removal of excess heat.
  • Compatibility: The 3510 heatsink is specifically designed for the Rock Pi 4C Plus board, ensuring seamless installation and compatibility with the board's layout and form factor.
  • Lightweight: Being constructed from aluminum, the heatsink remains lightweight while offering efficient cooling capabilities. This feature is particularly important for devices like the Rock Pi 4C Plus, as it ensures minimal impact on the overall weight and portability of the board.
  • Easy Installation: The heatsink is designed for easy installation on the Rock Pi 4C Plus board. It generally employs clips, adhesive thermal pads, or screws for secure attachment, providing a hassle-free setup process.
  • Enhanced Performance: By effectively dissipating heat, the 3510 aluminum heatsink helps prevent overheating and ensures stable performance of the Rock Pi 4C Plus. It enables the board to operate optimally, even during intensive workloads or extended usage periods.
  • Durable: The aluminum construction of the heatsink provides durability and longevity, allowing it to withstand continuous cooling cycles and maintain its efficiency over time.


  • Product Outlook

  • Application Scenario

  • Dissipation Effect

  • Dimension

  • CPU heatsink position
Please paste the thermal pad on the position of CPU chipset.

  • Fan connection details

Please refer to the Pinout documentation of ROCK Pi 4C Plus, wrong connection of fan may damage your ROCK Pi, please be ware of the polarity of the fan, red wire connect to 5V on GPIO, black wire connect to GND on GPIO.


Package Includes

  • 1 x Aluminum Heat sink with Fan for ROCK Pi 4C Plus

How to assemble it

  • Please follow the following figure to install the heatsink to ROCK Pi 4C Plus.
** Step 1. Paste the thermal pad on top of CPU chipset after peeling off the protection films on both sides.
** Step 2. Fix Heat sink with M2.5 screws.
** Step 3. Connect the red wire to 5V Pin on ROCK Pi 4C Plus's GPIO, black wire to GND on ROCK Pi 4C Plus's GPIO.
** Step 4. Enjoy!


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