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4010 24V Blue Backlight Fan



4010 24V Blue Backlight Fan is a DC fan with the electrical and mechanical characteristics of a DC fan.
The fan motor is a two-phase four-pole type and is driven by 24V.


  • 24V DC Fan
  • Long life term
  • Good for Heat dissipation


Item Description Unit
Rated Voltage DC 24 VDC
Operation Voltage DC 21.6~26.4 VDC
Start-up Voltage DC ≤18(At 25℃ power on/off) VDC
Current 0.05±0.02 A
Operation Current 0.07±0.02 A
Input Power 1.2 W
Speed (At 25℃,To record speed afler fan running normal,This time about 3~5minutes) 4500±10% RPM
Air Flow(at zero static pressure) 4.8 CFM
Air Pressure(at zero air flow) 2.66 mmH2O
Acousitical Noise (AVG.) 22.63 dB(A)
Insulation Type CLASS A(105°) NA
Insulation Strength Under the condition of 500V DC voltage, the impedance between the outer frame and the terminal line is not less than 10 Megohm
Dielectric Strength Under the condition of 600V/50Hz alternating current for one minute, the current between the outer frame and the terminal line No more than 5MA
Life Expectancy It is expected to be normal when the ambient temperature is 25℃ and the relative temperature is 15-65%RH 30,000 hours of work
Rotation counterclockwise Logo side
Lead Wire 2.5 reverse end 2468 26# black red line L=1000MM


  • Product Outlook
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  • Product Details and Specifications
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Package Includes

  • 4 x 4010 24V Blue Backlight Fan (24V DC FAN)
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Official Documentation


  • 4010 Blue Backlight Fan, 24V fan ,DC fan,axial-flow brushless DC fan,, two-phase four-pole type fan, DC 12V Fan.