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ICE Pump for Raspberry Pi 5


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The Raspberry Pi 5 Water Cooling Kit is a dedicated cooling solution designed for the Raspberry Pi 5. Employing water cooling technology, it effectively reduces the operating temperature of the Raspberry Pi 5, enhancing performance and stability. The kit operates on a 12V DC power supply and features a fan with colorful LED lights, adding a visual element to the Raspberry Pi 5.


  • Efficient Cooling: The water cooling kit utilizes water-cooling pipes and a radiator to efficiently dissipate heat from the Raspberry Pi 5.
  • Compact Design: The kit is designed with a compact form factor, custom-fit for the Raspberry Pi 5, ensuring seamless hardware installation and usage.
  • 12V DC Power: Powered by a 12V DC supply, ensuring stable system operation and providing users with additional power options.
  • Colorful LED Fan: The fan is equipped with colorful LED lights, enhancing the visual appeal of the Raspberry Pi 5 and contributing to an attractive overall appearance.
  • Quiet Operation: Compared to traditional fan cooling, the water cooling kit typically operates more quietly, avoiding noise disturbance in the user environment.
  • Easy Installation: Offers straightforward installation steps, allowing users to easily set up the water cooling kit without complex hardware modifications.
  • Customizable Cooling System: Allows users to customize the cooling system according to their requirements, catering to diverse cooling needs for different applications.
  • Durable Materials: Constructed with high-temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring the water cooling kit maintains excellent performance over extended periods of use.


 Note: Heat sink fit for Raspberry Pi 5 Only!

  • Function: Cold Water Cooling Kit
  • Overall Dimensions: 250 x 182 x 70mm
  • Corrugated Paper Packaging Box
  • Packaging Dimensions: 310 x 210 x 100mm
  • Total Weight of the System
  • Weight with Packaging Box: 1.96KG
  • Water Pump
    • Rated Voltage: 12V DC
    • Material: Acrylic + POM + ABS
    • Full Load Speed: 3500RPM±10%
    • Rated Power: 10W
    • Pump Head: 3.5 meters
    • Flow Rate: 550L/H
  • Water Tank
    • Material: Acrylic Tank + Aluminum Lid
    • Dimensions: 50mm Diameter * 130mm
  • Water Cooling Radiator
    • 120 18-tube G1/4 Thread Water Radiator
    • 18 Tubes / Material: Aluminum
    • Capacity: 164CC / Cooling Power: 640W
  • Radiator Fan
    • RGB Cooling Fan: 12012025mm (height)
    • Fan Speed: 1300RPM±10%
  • Soft Water Hose
    • Transparent Silicone Soft Water Hose
  • Soft Hose Tower Head
    • Material: Brass / Surface: Chrome-plated
  • Water Cooling Head
    • Material: Acrylic + Purple Copper
  • External Tower Head
    • Precision Machined Thickened 304 Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum Shell Heat Sink
    • Material: Aluminum Alloy / Surface: Sandblasting + Oxidation
  • Thermal Conductive Silicone Sheet
    • Blue + Pink Thermal Conductive Silicone Sheet
  • Power Adapter
    • DC 12V 2A / 24.0W
  • Water Cooling Kit Base
    • Material: SPCC / Surface: Black Textured Spray

Heat dissipation effect

  • 30 minutes on sysbench benchmark testing.

  • Principal of heat dissipation

  • Application scenario


  • Product Outlook

  • Dimension

NOTE: Raspberry Pi 5 does not include in the pacakge, additional purchase required!

Package includes


How to assemble it?

  • Please follow the steps according to following figure.

 NOTE: Please make sure the tank has enough water before connect the power to water pump, dry run may damage the water pump!!!


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