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5V-4A UK-Standard with switch

P-0009 5V3A英标带开关电源线.jpg


The document details the electrical, mechanical and environmental specifications of a SMPS, the power supply provides 15W continuous output power. The power supply shall meet the RoHS requirements.


Input Characteristics

  • Input Voltage & Frequency
Parameters Minimum Rating Maximum
Input Voltage 90Vac 100Vac~240Vac 264Vac
Input Frequency 47Hz 60Hz/50Hz 63Hz
  • Inrush Current (cold start @ 230V AC) No damage for 220V/50Hz at cold start (25℃).
  • Average Efficiency: Standby power <0.1W @ 230VAC/50Hz.
  • Cooling: Natural convection.
  • Mean Time Between Failure(MTBF):The MTBF for the power adapter shall equal or exceed 10,000 hours when operated at full rated load in an

ambient temperature of 25 degree C.

  • Output Characteristics:
RATED OUTPUT Rated Load Remark
Min. Max.
Output Voltage(unload) 4.9V 5.3V
Output Voltage(Full load) 4.9V 5.3V with wire testing
Output Current 0A 3A
Turn - on Delay Time / 3S
Hold-up Time 5mS /
Ripple & Nosic / 150mVp-p
Ripple & Noise: Tested by a oscilloscope using 20MHz bandwidth and the output is paralleled a 0.1uF ceramic
capacitor and a 47uF electrolysis capacitor. 

Protection Requirements

  • Over Current Protection:OCP Point Limited: 110%-200% auto restart
The output shall hiccup when the over current applied to the output , and shall be self-recovery when the fault
condition is removed 
  • Short Circuit Protection:
The input power shall decrease when the output is short to GND, the power supply shall not damage, and shall be
self-recovery when the fault condition is removed 

Environment Requirements

  • Operating Temperature and Relative Humidity

0℃ to +40℃ 20%RH to 80%RH @ Sea level shall below or no more than2000M

  • Storage Temperature and Relative Humidity

-30℃ to +70℃ 10%RH to 90%RH(non-condensing)@ Sea level shall below 10000M

  • Vibration

10 to 300Hz sweep at a constant acceleration of 1.0G(Breadth: 3.5mm) for 1Hour for each of the perpendicular axes X, Y, Z

  • EMC Standards & Safety Standards


  • Safety Standards
Type Country Standard
Europe CE EN62368
  • Ielectric Strength(Hi-pot)

Primary to Secondary: 3000Vac / 10mA / 60 seconds (3 seconds for production)

  • Leakage Current

0.25mA max. at 240Vac / 50Hz input

  • Insulation Resistance

100MΩ min. @ primary to secondary add a 500Vdc test voltage

  • Reliability Requirements
    • Burn-in: The power supply shall be burn-in for 2 Hours under normal input and 80% rated load.
  • Testing Equipment
NO. Testing Equipment Model Remark
1 AC Source TDGC-2
2 Power Meter PF9810
3 Electronic Load M9715
4 Oscilloscopes MDO3014
5 Digital Multimeter VC890
6 DC Power IT6721
7 HI-POT Tester LK2627X
8 Cons. T/H Simulator XINBAO



Package Includes

  • 1 x 5V-3A UK-Standard power supply

Documentation Downloads


  • Power supply, raspberry pi 4B,5v/4A, UK-standard with switch