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Ultra Thin ICE Tower Cooler for Raspberry Pi 5



The Ultra Thin ICE Tower Cooler is a state-of-the-art cooling solution specifically engineered for the Raspberry Pi 5. This innovative cooler is designed with a horizontal tower structure that provides exceptional heat dissipation capabilities. It is equipped with an ultra-thin fin array that maximizes the surface area for heat transfer, ensuring optimal cooling performance.

The cooler features a 4Pin JST interface, which is compatible with the Raspberry Pi's official cooling mechanism. It allows for automatic fan speed adjustment based on the CPU temperature, controlled by the Raspberry Pi's core. This ensures that the cooling system adapts to the thermal demands of the device, providing a balance between cooling efficiency and noise levels.


  • Horizontal Tower Design: The horizontal layout of the cooler enhances heat dissipation by increasing the contact area with the ambient air, leading to more effective cooling.
  • Ultra-Thin Fins: The fin array is designed to be ultra-thin, which maximizes the heat dissipation area and improves the overall thermal performance.
  • 4Pin JST Interface: The cooler uses a 4Pin JST connector that is compatible with the Raspberry Pi's built-in fan control system, allowing for seamless integration and automatic speed regulation.
  • Automatic Temperature Control: The cooler is designed to automatically adjust the fan speed in response to the CPU temperature, ensuring that the device operates within safe thermal limits.
  • Enhanced Cooling Efficiency: The combination of the ultra-thin fin design and the automatic fan speed control mechanism results in superior cooling performance, keeping the Raspberry Pi 5 cool even under heavy workloads.
  • Quiet Operation: With intelligent fan speed control, the cooler operates quietly, minimizing noise disturbance while maintaining high cooling efficiency.


  • Material: Metal & Copper
  • Fan: 4Pin JST Adjustable speed fan
  • Low profile style


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  • Heat dissipation effect on heavy duty (bench test)

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How to assemble it?

  • Please assemble it according to following figure:


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