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X735 Power Management Board

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The X735 is a multifunctional expansion board for all current models of the Raspberry Pi using a 40-pin header.
It provides intelligent and safe power management, safe shutdown and full poweroff through software,
an automatic temperature controlled fan which enables the use of the Raspberry Pi in extreme conditions
including very high temperature environments.
The X735 also reserves the 40-pin header that can be stacked with other Raspberry Pi accessory boards for enhanced applications.

Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+/ 2 Model B / 3 Model B / 3 Model B+ / 3 Model A+
Raspbian Stretch
Safe shutdown function tested for Raspbian, other operating systems to be tested and advised


  • Intelligent and safe power management
  • Equipped with both momentary button and latching switch for easy power control
  • Press the momentary button to turn on
  • Press the momentary button and hold for 1~2seconds to reboot
  • Press the momentary button and hold for 3~7seconds to implement safe shutdown
  • Press the momentary button and hold for >8seconds to force shutdown
  • Supports safe shutdown and full poweroff through software
  • On-board switch convenient to select latching or momentary power control switches
  • Press the latching power switch once to turn on and again to implement safe shutdown
  • On-board LED shows the status of power on, reboot and shutdown
  • On-board PH2.0 connectors allows to use external latching switch or momentary button
  • Powers the Raspberry Pi via the 40-pin header - no additional cabling required
  • Allows power input via DC jack or Micro-USB socket or XH2.54 connector
  • Allows power output via XH2.54 socket and or the 40-pin header


  • Dual trip point temperature controlled cooling fan
  • Auto-Control the fan for Cooling / quiet Operation
  • Board temperature ≤34C - Fan running at low speed
  • Board temperature ≥34C - Fan running at medium speed
  • Board temperature ≥45C - Fan running at full speed
  • On-board LEDs show the status of fan running low and high
  • No driver and additional setting required for the cooling fan
  • Reserved 40-pin stackable Header for Add-On Boards
  • Works with all current models of the Raspberry Pi using a 40 pin header
  • On-board micro-USB socket for power input - No need to change the power adapter
  • Fully compatible with X820, X850, X860, X870, X822, X852 to provide intelligent and safe power management


  • Power supply: 5.1Vdc +/-5%,2.5~4A
  • Board size: 65 x 58mm


  • Full poweroff through software is not supported when using latching power switch

Do not apply power to your Raspbeery Pi via the Pi's Micro-USB socket

Package Includes

Product Name Quantity
X735 Power mgt Board 1
2-Pin Power Connection Wire 1
Screw M2.5 *6mm 8
Spacer F/F M2.5 *12mm 4
Spacer F/F M2.5 *12mm 4

Function Description

X735 funciton description.png


X735 280p1.jpg
X735 280p2.jpg
X735 280p3.jpg
X735 280p4.jpg
X735 280p5.jpg
X860 280p4.jpg

Installation Guide

Power Jack, power input and power output

Power input 5Vdc +/- 5% , 2.5~4A
DC Power Plug Size 5.5*2.5mm
Micro USB power socket Pin 1 - 5Vdc, Pin 5 - GND
Power input / output connector XH2.54mm 2pin
1. X735 powers the Raspberry Pi via the 40-pin header (Pin 2 & 4)
 2. Don't power the Raspberry Pi via the Pi's Micro USB socket 
 3. X735 can be powered via the onboard DC jack or Micro USB power socket or XH2.54 connector.

Select momentary power button or latching power switch

Selector Switch pressed Latching switch enabled, Momentary button disabled
Selector Switch released Latching switch disabled, Momentary button enabled
Power adapter must be disconnected when selecting momentary button or latching switch.

Connectors for External Power Switch

Pin No. Pin Description
1 Power on/off control connecting to switch
2 Ground
3 Ground
4 LED+ for power on, rebooting and shutdown
Connector - Pitch 2.0mm 4pos

Using momentary power button

Press and Release Raspberry Pi and X735 turn on Power LED stays on
Press and hold for 1~2 seconds System rebooting Power LED Blinks rapidly
Press and hold for 3~7 seconds System shutting down Power LED Blinks slowly
Press and hold for >8 seconds Force shutdown

*Script for power control installed

Using latching power switch

Switch pressed Raspberry Pi and X735 turning on The PWR LED stays on
Switch released (Script for power control installed) System shutting down and the PWR LED blinking slowly
Switch released(Script for power control not installed) The PWR LED stays on and will force shutdown after 8 seconds
The onboard latching power switch should not be pressed when using an external latching switch.

Pins and GPIO used

Pin No. Usage
2, 4 +5V power supply
6 Ground
7 GPIO4 for power management
11 GPIO17 for power management
12 GPIO18 for power management

Board Assembly

Push a screws (M2.5*6mm) up through the mounting hole on the underside of the Raspberry Pi.

Screw the spacer (M2.5*12mm) down until it is hand tight

Plugs the X735 board straight into your Raspberry Pi B+'s GPIO header and screw down (M2.5*6mm)
X735 280p1.jpg

Optional -To use with X820/X850/X822/X852/X860/X870 
 a) Unscrew 4 screws on the topside of Raspberry pi
 b) Screw the M/F spacer (M2.5*12 / M2.5*20) down until it is hand tight
X720 430p7.jpg

Plugs the X735 straight into your Raspberry Pi's GPIO header and screw down (M2.5*6mm)
X870 430p5.jpg

Connect the 2-pin power connection wire from the 5V connector on X735 to X820/X850/X822/X852/X860/X870 

Power adapter must be connected to power management board only , not X860 and Raspberry Pi

X720 430p7.jpg

Software Guide


pi@raspberrypi ~ $  wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/suptronics/X730-script/master/x730.sh
  • Install the script
pi@raspberrypi ~ $  sudo bash x730.sh
  • Setting up the command to turn off X720 from software
pi@raspberrypi ~ $  printf "%s\n" "alias x730off='sudo x730shutdown.sh'" >> ~/.bashrc
  • Reboot the Raspberry Pi
pi@raspberrypi ~ $  sudo reboot
  • Powering off the Raspberry Pi from software
pi@raspberrypi ~ $  x730off 


  • Q: Is it compatible with X870?
 A: Yes, it is.


  • X735, Raspberry Pi ,Power Management Board,Intelligent and safe power management