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Low-Profile Plus CPU Cooler



The Low-Profile Plus CPU Cooler is an advanced cooling solution designed for high-performance computing within compact spaces. It evolves from the Ice Tower Cooler, offering enhanced thermal performance coupled with a sleek aesthetic. This cooler features a quad-copper-pipe design for superior heat dissipation, complemented by aluminum fins that maximize heat transfer. An integrated fan ensures heat is efficiently expelled, maintaining the processor at optimal operating temperatures.
NOTE: The Fan is controlled by Raspberry Pi OS itself, and it will turn on once the CPU temperature is reached to 60 degree!

NOTE: Raspberry Pi 5 development board does not include in the package, additional purchase required! 


  • High-Efficiency Cooling: Advanced dual-pipe design for better thermal conductivity than traditional single-pipe coolers.
  • Aluminum Fins: Increased surface area for improved heat dissipation.
  • Direct Heat Exhaust Fan: Designed to rapidly expel heat away from the processor.
  • Compact Design: Ideal for small form factor PCs and home theater PCs (HTPCs).
  • Compatibility: Supports a variety of processor sockets, including the latest Raspberry Pi 5.
  • Silent Operation: Optimized fan design for a quiet cooling experience.


  • Total Height: 50mm x 54mm x 49mm, ensuring compatibility with small cases.
  • Fan Size: 54mm x 50mm, providing ample airflow for efficient cooling.
  • Fan Speed: 5000 RPM, balancing cooling efficiency with noise levels.
  • Number of Heat Pipes: 4, enhancing thermal conductivity.
  • Material of Heat Pipes: Copper, for excellent heat transfer capabilities.
  • Material of Fins: Aluminum alloy, lightweight and highly effective for heat dissipation.
  • Compatibility: Supports multiple processor interfaces, including Intel and AMD.
  • Noise Level: Below 28 dB(A), maintaining a low-noise environment while ensuring cooling efficiency.


  • Product Outlook


  • Dimension

  • Features

  • 4 copper tubes for heat dissipation

  • Heat dissipation effect

  • Benchmark within 30min

How to assemble it?

  • Please assemble it according to following figure:

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