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52Pi Raspberry Pi 4B case


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This is metal case for Raspberry Pi 4B SBC, it contains aluminum brick case and heatsinks, normal 5V fan, it is easy For beginners. The delicate aluminum shell and acrylic cover provide good protection and do not interfere with Wi-Fi signal. The aluminum alloy heat sink provides very good heat dissipation effect, and there is no noise when the fan is running, which is a super silent state. It is a great choice to start with Raspberry Pi 4B, and the installation of the shell is also very simple and easy to use, which can quickly complete the assembly and start the exploration journey.


Raspberry Pi 4B does not include in the package, additional purchase required.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Volume is more than other case.
  • Support PoE hat (official /52Pi)
  • 5V None adjustable speed Fan
  • Acrylic cover
  • No Interfere with Wi-Fi signal
 NOTE: Compatible PoE hat 

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  • Product Outlook

  • Dimension

  • Port Definitions

How to assemble it

  • Step 1. Deassemble the case with Allen wrench, and then peel off the protection film from arcylic panel on both sides.
  • Step 2. Fix 5V Fan with long screws and nuts, paste aluminum heat sinks on top of CPU,memory chip and USB controller chip on Raspberry Pi 4B.
  • Step 3. Fix Raspberry Pi 4B to copper pillar and bottom case with screws
  • Step 4. Connect the fan cable to Raspberry Pi 4B on GPIO pin, red one connect to 5V pin, black one connect to GND pin.
  • Step 5. Fix the acrylic panel with screws
  • Step 6. Paste robber feets on the bottom case after peeling off the protection film.

How to connect 5V fan to Raspberry Pi 4B

  • Red wire --- 5V
  • Black wire --- GND

Raspberry Pi 4B with PoE in the case

  • Compatible with PoE Hat

  • Compatible with 40Pin cable wire and T-type gpio expansion board
  • You can lead out the 40Pin GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi by connecting to the 40pin cable and the T-shaped GPIO expansion board, and build your favorite experimental circuit through the breadboard.

Package Includes

  • 1 x 52Pi Raspberry Pi 4 Case
  • 1 x 5V Fan
  • 4 x Aluminum Heat sinks
  • 4 x Long screws
  • 4 x short screws
  • 4 x ball head screw
  • 4 x nuts
  • 4 x copper pillar
  • 1 x screw driver
  • 1 x Allen wrench
  • 2 x Robber feets


  • 52Pi Raspberry Pi 4 case, big volume case, Raspberry Pi 4B case supports PoE hat