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Ultimate Starter Kit



Super kit is a kit that includes a variety of MCU development boards, including Raspberry Pi Pico, Arduino UNO, Arduino Mega2560, ESP32-WROVER, ESP8266, which can be used to make small smart devices, IoT prototypes, smart home and other applications. It supports C language programming, C++, MicroPython and other language programming, which is great for learning the use and programming of sensors.


The codes and other information involved in the experiments in this book will be stored in the TF card together with the package, and the corresponding example code can also be obtained from the GitHub link. The URL link is:
And will be updated from time to time.


  • Easy to use
  • Contains a lot of sensors
  • Variable MCU Dev boards
  • Multiple classic tutorials


Package Includes

Getting Start

Environmental requirements:

For Windows

1. PC or laptop 2. Installed Arduino IDE or Thonny IDE, Arduino IDE Download link: [ ]

For Linux