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Raspberry Pi Complete Starter Kit

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The kit includes a variety of components and modules for building electronic projects. It contains an MPU6050 module, a 1-channel relay, a tilt sensor, a sound sensor, a T-type GPIO expansion board, a GPIO edge expansion board, an ultrasonic sensor, a temperature and humidity sensor, an LCD1602 display module, a PIR sensor, a servo motor, a long breadboard, 40-pin jump wires, a WS2812 RGB light ring, an experiment platform plate, a 500W camera, R/G/B LED lights, a MAX7219 8x8 matrix, and S8050 and 2N9304 NPN transistors. Additionally, it includes 220 ohms and 1k ohm resistors.


  • MPU6050: A motion-tracking device that combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer.
  • 1-channel relay: Allows you to control high-power devices using a low-power signal.
  • Tilt sensor: Detects changes in orientation and can be used to trigger actions based on tilt.
  • Sound sensor: Detects sound levels and can be used for sound-activated projects.
  • T-type GPIO expansion board: Provides additional GPIO pins for connecting more components.
  • GPIO edge expansion board: Expands the GPIO pins of a microcontroller for connecting more devices.
  • Ultrasonic sensor: Measures distance using sound waves and can be used for proximity sensing.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor: Measures ambient temperature and humidity levels.
  • LCD1602 display module: A 16x2 character LCD display for showing text and simple graphics.
  • PIR sensor: Detects motion and can be used for security or automation purposes.
  • Servo: A motor that can be controlled precisely for various robotic and mechanical applications.
  • Long breadboard: Provides a platform for prototyping circuits and connecting multiple components.
  • 40-pin jump wires: Allows for easy connection between components on a breadboard or circuit.
  • WS2812 RGB light ring: A ring of individually addressable RGB LEDs for colorful lighting effects.
  • Experiment platform plate: A platform for securely mounting and organizing components during experiments.
  • 500W camera: A high-resolution camera capable of capturing detailed images and videos.
  • R/G/B LED lights: Three separate LED lights in red, green, and blue colors for various lighting projects.
  • MAX7219 8x8 matrix: An LED matrix display that can show text and simple patterns.
  • S8050 and 2N9304 NPN transistors: Electronic switches used for amplification or switching applications.
  • 220 ohm / 1k ohm resistor: Resistors for controlling current flow and voltage levels in circuits.


  • Product Outlook and Dimension

Application senario

  • LCD1602 Display MPU6050 information

  • Camera feeds

  • Sound sensor Detection

  • PIR sensor and RGB Light Ring

  • DIY Camera

  • Motion detection

  • Ultrasonic sensor control servo

  • Max7219 8x8 matrix with Temperature & humidity sensor

  • Max7219 Temperature display

  • Product Features

  • Compatibility

Package Lists

  • 1 x MPU6050 3 axis accelerate & gyroscope module
  • 1 x 1-channel relay module
  • 1 x Tilt sensor
  • 1 x sound sensor
  • 1 x T-type GPIO expansion board
  • 1 x Edge GPIO expansion board
  • 1 x Ultrasonic sensor
  • 1 x Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • 1 x LCD1602 Display module
  • 1 x PIR sensor
  • 2 x 5g Servo
  • 20 x Male-to-Female Jumper wire
  • 1 x 40Pin Parallel Wire
  • 1 x Long breadboard
  • 1 x 52Pi experiment platform plate
  • 1 x 500W Pixels FPC cable Camera for Raspberry Pi
  • 5 x Red LED
  • 5 x Green LED
  • 5 x Blue LED
  • 5 x Yellow LED
  • 1 x RGB Light Ring
  • 1 x MAX7219 8x8 Dot light Matrix
  • 20 x 220Ω resistor
  • 20 x 1KΩ resistor
  • 6 x Push button
  • 6 x Push button hat
  • 1 x Jumper wire box
  • 5 x S8050 NPN transistor
  • 5 x 2N9304 NPN transistor
  • 20 x Female-to-Female jumper wire



  • Raspberry Pi Complete Starter Kit, Raspberry Pi starter kit