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(Acrylic Case & Enclosure)
(X-Series Expansion Board For Raspberry Pi)
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* [[ X600  SKU:EZ-0045]]
* [[ X600  SKU:EZ-0045]]
* [[ X3000 SKU:EZ-0051]]
* [[ X3000 SKU:EZ-0051]]
* [[ X6000P-7.1CH DIY Kits SKU:EZ-0052]]
* [[ X5000P Raspberry Pi HiFi Sound Card SKU:EZ-0053]]
* [[ X4000P SKU:EZ-0054]]
* [[ X4000K DIY Kits SKU:EZ-0055]]
* [[ X6000K-8.0CH DIY Kits SKU:EZ-0056]]

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RaspberryPi Modules

The following contents include all of our products, Top10 modules are list here, those modules are fit for Raspberry Pi A,A+,B,B+,2 Model B,3 Model B and some other platform. you can select one of them and click the links to get more information about it.


This is Hardware Compatible List. Hardware Compatible List

52Pi Expand Modules Group ( Very Nice)

Display Device

Official Support Products

X-Series Expansion Board For Raspberry Pi

IOT Sensors & Expansion Board

Power Supply Module

Starter Kit

Application Kit

Operation System Card

New Modules

Acrylic Case & Enclosure

Video Tutorial