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==52Pi Expand Modules Group ( Very Nice)==
==52Pi Expand Modules Group ( Very Nice)==
* [[RPI T-Cobbler GPIO Extend Board With Level shifting SKU:EP-0014]]
* [[RPI T-Cobbler GPIO Extend Board With Level shifting SKU:EP-0014]]

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RaspberryPi Modules

The following contents include all of our products, Top10 modules are list here, those modules are fit for Raspberry Pi A,A+,B,B+,2 Model B,3 Model B and some other platform. you can select one of them and click the links to get more information about it.


This is Hardware Compatible List. Hardware Compatible List

Product & SKU List

Product Name SKU Number
RPI T-Cobbler GPIO Extend Board With Level shifting EP0014
RPI T-Cobbler GPIO Extend Board EP0003
RPI 16x2 LCD+Keypad Kit Z0019
RPI B+ to B GPIO Downgrade Board EP0027
RPI I2C GPIO Extend Board EP0013
RPI AD/DA Extend Board EP0022
RPI B GPIO Reference Board EP0018
RPI GPIO Triple Extend Board EP0012
RPI GPIO Rectangle Extend Board EP0011
RPI I2C Logic Level Converter EP0026
RPI Infinity cascade IO expand Module EP0028
RPI Arduino Board EP0023
RPI RTC Module EP0016
RPI UART Extend Board EP0017
RPI B+ GPIO Reference Board EP0021
RPI B+ Prototyping Pi Plate Board EP0042
RPI B+ GPIO Triple Extend Board EP0029
RPI B Prototyping Pi Plate Board EP0004
RPI B+ Rectangle Extend Board EP0020
RPI HAT Breakout Mini Kit EP0056
RPI HAT Prototype Module EP0057
RPI T Type Extension Board EP0046
0.91 Inch OLED Module EP0060
0.96 Inch OLED Module EP0049
52Pi-BPi LCD 1602 Module EP0045
RGB LCD1602 EP0058
RPI-RGB-LED-Matrix EP0043
Raspberry Pi 2.2 Inch GPIO display(without touch screen) EP0062
Raspberry Pi 2.4 Inch GPIO touch screen EP0063
5-Inch-800x480-HDMI-TFT-LCD-Touch-Screen Z0053
5-Inch-800x480-HDMI-GPIO-Touch-Screen EP0072
7-Inch-1024x600 Display Kit (with Touch Screen) Z0017
7-Inch-1024x600 Display Kit (without Touch Screen) Z0051
7-Inch-1024x600 Monitor K0106
7-Inch-800x480 Display Kit(without Touch Screen) Z0111
7-Inch-1280x800 Display Kit(without Touch Screen) Z0112
7-Inch-800x480 Monitor K0101
7-Inch-1280*800 Monitor K0102
10.1-Inch-1024x600 Display Kit (without Touch Screen) Z0113
10.1-Inch-1366x768 Display Kit(without Touch Screen) Z0114
10.1-Inch-1366x768 Monitor K0103
Raspberry Pi official 7-Inch-Touch-Screen Z0104
Banana Pi official 7-Inch-Capacitance-Screen Z0088
X105 EZ-0008
X200 EZ-0002
X300 EZ-0003
X205 EZ-0046
X400 EZ-0044
X600 EZ-0045
Raspberry Pi LM75B temperature Sensor v1.0 EP0031
Raspberry Pi Super Capacitor RTC
DS1307 RTC Module with BAT for Raspberry Pi EP0059
Raspberry Pi Expansion Board
Raspberry Pi Heatsink
Raspberry Pi ADC-DAC Module
RaspberryPi Downgrade
RaspberryPi B+ GPIO Reference Board
RaspberryPi RS232 UART Board
GPS Module EZ0024
USB-Port-GPS Module EZ0048
VGA666 Module For RPi EP0073
5V-2.5A-AU-Standard Z0132
5V-2.5A-UK-Standard Z0133
5V-2.5A-US-Standard Z0121
5V-2.5A-EU-Standard Z0097
5V-2.5A-EU/US/UK/AU-Plug Z0136
Starter Kit Z0142
Raspberry Pi 3B Overlays Application Kit Z0144
OctoPrint system Card
Noobs system Card
Raspbian system Card
RetroPie system Card
Ubuntu Mate 16.04 system Card
OSMC system Card
5-inch-GPIO-touch-screen-Based-on-Raspbian system Card
Windows 10 IOT R2 (Red Stone) 16GB system Card

52Pi Expand Modules Group ( Very Nice)

Display Device

Official Support Products

X-Series Expansion Board For Raspberry Pi

IOT Sensors & Expansion Board

Power Supply Module

Starter Kit

Application Kit

Operation System Card

New Modules

Video Tutorial