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3 April 2024

12 March 2024

22 February 2024

30 January 2024

29 January 2024

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  • curprev 18:4118:41, 29 January 2024Yoyojacky talk contribs 3,314 bytes +3,314 Created page with "==M01 M.2 2242 E-key Top== right|320px ==Description== 52Pi M.2 E-Key HAT M01 provides a 2230/2242 size M.2 E-key expansion slot for the Raspberry Pi 5, making it convenient for users to connect some M.2 E-Key expansion cards, such as the Google Coral Edge TPU or other common wireless network cards, wired network cards, etc. M01 is compatible with the standard HAT size of Raspberry Pi and supports two sizes of m.2 cards: 2230 and 2242. The include..."