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RPI 2.2'TFT Display Module User Manual


The cute TFT display module got even more adorable with this little primary display for Raspberry Pi.It features a 2.2' display with 320x240 16-bit color pixels.the cute pi display module refresh it's screen rapidly because the TFT module communicate with raspberryPi in a high speed SPI interface ,this PiTFT module can be used as Xwindow port ,displaying images or video etc. it plugs right in on top of your Model A+ , B+ or Pi2 and fits into our case quite nicely.

TFT22 show01.jpg

Technical Details

type value
product name RPI_2.2'TFT Display Module
character number 320×240
screen scale 2.2'
refresh rate >20fps
weight 23.9g
module scale 66x57x12(mm)
connect port 2*20 Stacking Header
control interface SPI
work voltage 5V


TFT22 show02.jpg
TFT22 show03.jpg
TFT22 show05.jpg
TFT22 show06.jpg
2.2TFT show06.JPG
TFT22 show07.jpg



2.2TFT tech1.png

  • typesudo tar -jxpvf TFT-stable-Build-20150424.tar.bz2 -C to extract the device driver file

2.2TFT tech3.png

  • modify modules file in /etc folder ,you can type sudo vim.tiny /etc/modules to open this file.To modify the file you should follow the picture beside

fbtft dma fbtft_device name=rpi-display rotate=270 speed=64000000 gpios=dc:24,reset:23,led:18
2.2TFT tech5.png
2.2TFT tech6.png

  • If you have finished above step ,then ,reboot the Raspberry Pi,and now you will see the reboot details is on the screen


  • It is easy to setup the keyboard,first you should install evtest to detect the keyboard
  • modify modules file in /etc folder like following picture ,just add code

gpio_keys_device pulldown active_low=0 keys=26:103,21:108,20:105,16:106
2.2TFT tech4.png
2.2TFT tech8.png
2.2TFT tech9.png

  • Then, reboot the system,type sudo evtestto initiate the program,type0to set test mode.Then,you press buttom on Pi TFT Module,the test information will printed in the screen

2.2TFT tech11.png
2.2TFT tech12.png
2.2TFT tech13.JPG