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Aluminum Case for Jetson Nano


This is an all-metal functional enclosure specifically tailored for Jetson Nano.
Its honeycomb vents reduce the heat generated by your device while it’s performing neural network training or running machine vision programs.
And the internal super quiet fan will be good auxiliary heat dissipation, beautiful workmanship of the outer casing, perfect interface opening for each connector.
In addition, in order to consider the equipment that Jetson Nano may use, such as the camera, it specially provide the camera holder for Jetson Nano.
The metal bracket makes your visual neural network learning device more convenient to use.
At the same time, it provides two perfect wireless network expansion antenna interfaces for the Jetson Nano on the outer casing, so that you can avoid Metal shielding interference when it accessing network via extend network interface card, such as intel network card.
A switch button with backlight is provided on the front of the panel.
In order to prevent mistakenly touching, a reset button is provided on the back of the panel.
Four anti-skid rubber pads are added to the bottom of the case to prevent skid.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Camera holder
  • Extended Antenna Base for the network interface card
  • Honeycomb vents style
  • Super quiet fan
  • Good quality
  • Anti-skid rubber pads


Package Include