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Aluminum Case with Suspension Fan for RPi 4B

铝合金外壳 7.jpg


This aluminum case is born for heat dissipation.
Its super precision design will provide a nice outlook and also it is very easy to assemble.
The suspension fan will offer more space for different height of heat sinks.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Precision design
  • Suspension Fan
  • No effect on Wi-Fi signal


铝合金外壳 6.jpg
铝合金外壳 10.jpg


  • Black Color
铝合金外壳 1.jpg
铝合金外壳 2.jpg
铝合金外壳 3.jpg
  • Silver Color
Yin 3.jpg
Yin 1.jpg
Yin 2.jpg

Package Includes

  • 1 x Aluminum Case with fan and screws
  • 1 x Aluminum alloy heat sink pack(4PCS)
  • 1 x Screws driver
  • 1 x Anti-slipper pad

How to assemble

  • Step 1 Unscrew the case
  • Step 2 Fixed fan with screws as following picture.
  • Step 3 Fixed Raspberry Pi to the case and then connect 5V(Red wire) and GND(black wire) to GPIO Pin on Raspberry Pi.
  • Step 4 Fixed screws to case.

Connection Details



  • Aluminum Case, Raspberry Pi 4B, suspension fan