USB dongle for Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W SKU:EP-0097

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USB dongle for Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W



USB dongle for Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W helps you to create an easy access, portable PC with Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W. Do not need soldering and wiring wire with the module to raspberry Pi.
It can make your Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W as a PC stick, so that you can plug it to your computer and access Raspbian OS from SSH service or VNC service which installed on Raspberry Pi' TF card
It uses the test points underneath your Pi Zero to attach a full-sized USB connector.
Convert your Pi Zero or Pi Zero W into a convenient USB dongle.
Just plug it into a free USB port and you can connect to your Pi over USB ethernet and share your computer's internet connection without any additional cables or power supplies.
It can be mounted onto the bottom of your Pi Zero and secured with bolts, and with Acrylic sheild protection,
It will be a portable USB dongle, making it convenient to use on the go.
Use it to create your own little plug-and-play virtual machine, VNC server, proxy server or combine several into a cluster.



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