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Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder Wire for Electrical Soldering (1.0mm/0.04Inch)


This is an environmentally friendly tin wire with a wire diameter of 1.0mm, which contains 0.3% silver.
It has very good soldering capability, esp for circuit board, DIY, home improvement, Repairation of cable/TV/Radio/sterro/ Toys and other electrical devices etc.


  • Small and portable
  • Easy to tin
  • Contains flux
  • Silver-containing environmental protection


Characteristics Units Specifications 
%Flux wt/wt 2.2+/-0.2
Dimension inch 0.04+/-0.004
Specific Gravity@25℃ g/ml 7.32
% Halide wt/wt 0.154+/-0.015
Solderability-Test Visual std 1=To pass test


Package Includes

  • 1 x Solder wire coil 1.0 mm