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RPi 4G 3G Hat

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Raspberry Pi connectivity, compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W/Zero WH/2B/3B/3B+/4B,Jetson Nano,and any other SBC with USB interface.
Note: 3G modules or 4G modules need to be purchased separately before they can be used. This HAT board is only an expansion board.Instructions and drivers are subject to the 4g module actually used by the user. This HAT board only provides power and interface transmission.


  • Onboard USB Type-C interface, to test AT Commands, get Internet Data and so on.
  • Mini PCI-E Socket for LTE 4G/3G Module throuth USB interface.
  • Nano SIM card slot, supports 1.8V/3V SIM card.
  • LED indicators, easy to monitor the working status
  • Onboard voltage translator.
  • Power supply: 5V
  • Compatible with Quectel EC20, HUAWEI ME909S-821, LONGSUNG U9300C, SIM7600E-H and any other Mini-PCIe LTE 4G/3G Module.


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Package Includes

  • 1 x RPi 4G 3G Hat
  • 4 x M2.5 Copper Pillar
  • 4 x M2.5 Screws
  • 4 x M2.5 Nuts
  • 1 x Screw driver
EP0128 1.jpg


  • RPi 4G 3G Hat, Raspberry Pi 4G hat, Raspberry Pi 3G hat.