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(Power Supply Module)
(5 Inch Displays & Shield)
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* [[5-Inch-800x480-HDMI-GPIO-Touch-Screen  SKU:EP-0072]]
* [[5-Inch-800x480-HDMI-GPIO-Touch-Screen  SKU:EP-0072]]
* [[5-Inch-Touch-Screen-Acrylic-Shield SKU:ZP-0015]]
* [[5-Inch-800x480-Touch-Screen+5-Inch-TouchScreen-Acrylic-Shield  SKU:K-0090]]

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RaspberryPi Modules

The following contents include all of our products, Top10 modules are list here, those modules are fit for Raspberry Pi A,A+,B,B+,2 Model B,3 Model B and some other platform. you can select one of them and click the links to get more information about it.

OLED Module

LCD Module

TFT Screen

5 Inch Displays & Shield

7 Inch Display & Shield

10.1 Inch Display Kit

Official Support Products


RPI Expansion Series‏‎

GPS Module

Power Supply Module

BananaPi Modules