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Orange Pi 5 Acrylic Starter kit



This suite is a peripheral package around the OrangePi 5 board, including a card reader, MicroSD card (TF card), power supply, fan, heatsink and HDMI high-definition digital cable. The shell provides good protection and is convenient for installing the fan for cooling, avoiding premature aging of your device due to high load running, while preventing dust from affecting the appearance. The acrylic splicing is also very simple and easy to assemble, and the acrylic fixation is fixed with copper pillars, which is beautiful and generous. The black aluminum alloy heat sink can dissipate heat better with the help of the fan. The high-quality power supply provides enough power for your OrangePi to avoid some problems caused by unstable power supply, which is a very cost-effective combination in the basic package.

NOTE: Orange Pi 5 does not include in the package, additional purchase required!

This kit is compatiable with Orange Pi 5 / Orange Pi 5 B


  • Easy to assemble
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Acrylic material
  • Aluminum alloy heat sink
  • Silent fan
  • Laser precision cutting
  • Large capacity and high quality TF card
  • Exquisite card reader
  • High quality HDMI cable
  • Compatibility: Orange Pi 5 / Orange Pi 5 B


  • Product outlook

  • Dimension

  • After Assembling

  • Port Definitions

  • Accessories Details

Package Includes

  • 1 x A set of Orange Pi 5 Acrylic sstarter kit

NOTE: Orange Pi 5 development board does not include the package, additional purchase required.

How to Aseemble

  • 1. Tear off the protection film from Acrylic panel.
  • 2. Paste Heat sinks on top of CPU and Mem chip.
  • 3. Fix the fan with screws and nuts as following figure.
  • 4. Fix copper pillar as following figure.

  • 5. Fix Orange Pi 5 with copper pillar to the bottom layer.
  • 6. Insert rest of the acrylic panels.
  • 7. Connect the Fan cable to GPIO Pin, red wire connects to 5V pin, black wire connects to GND pin on Orange Pi 5.
  • 8. Fix the top layer with ball head screws.

How to connect fan to Orange Pi 5 GPIO Pin In details



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