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Orange Pi 5 Plus Copper Heatsink Kit




The copper heatsink with a fan, designed specifically for the Orange Pi 5 Plus development board, is an efficient cooling solution that helps dissipate heat generated by the board's components. In summary, the copper heatsink with a fan designed for the Orange Pi 5 Plus development board offers excellent cooling capabilities, thanks to its copper construction, finned structure, and integrated fan. It is an essential accessory for maintaining optimal performance, preventing overheating, and ensuring the longevity of the Orange Pi 5 Plus board.


  • Material: The heatsink is made of high-quality copper, known for its excellent thermal conductivity. Copper efficiently transfers heat away from the components, ensuring effective cooling.
  • Design: The heatsink is meticulously designed to fit the form factor of the Orange Pi 5 Plus dev board. It covers the key heat-generating components, such as the processor and other integrated circuits, providing optimal cooling performance.
  • Finned Structure: The heatsink features a finned structure, which increases the surface area for heat dissipation. The fins allow for better airflow and enhance the overall cooling efficiency of the heatsink.
  • Integrated Fan: The heatsink comes with an integrated fan, which actively blows air across the fins to facilitate rapid heat dissipation. The fan helps in expelling the hot air away from the heatsink, ensuring efficient cooling even during heavy workloads or prolonged usage.
  • Easy Installation: The heatsink is designed for straightforward installation on the Orange Pi 5 Plus board. It typically attaches securely using screws or clips, ensuring a stable and reliable connection.
  • Low Noise:The integrated fan operates with low noise levels, ensuring a quiet computing experience. The fan's noise is carefully optimized to minimize any disruptions while providing sufficient airflow for effective cooling.
  • Enhanced Performance: By keeping the Orange Pi 5 Plus board's temperature in check, the copper heatsink with a fan helps prevent overheating and ensures stable performance. It enables the board to operate optimally, even during demanding tasks or under high processing loads.
  • Extended Lifespan: Efficient cooling provided by the heatsink helps extend the lifespan of the components on the Orange Pi 5 Plus board. By maintaining lower operating temperatures, it reduces the risk of thermal-related damage and enhances the overall longevity of the board.


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How to install it

  • Connect the fan to GPIO Pin on Orange Pi 5 Plus

Please note that wrong connection may damage your orange pi 5 plus, please be ware of the GPIO pin's functions by reading official GPIO definitions or GPIO Pinout.

  • Orange Pi 5 Plus GPIO Pinout

  • Fan Connection: Red wire connect to 5V, Black wire connect to GND

Package Includes

  • 1 x Orange Pi 5 Plus Copper Heatsink Kit
 Contains: 1 Copper heatsink with fan, 3 copper heatsinks 


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