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ESP32 Module



ESP32 is a complete, small form factor (SFF) 802.11 b/g/n/e/i (2.4 GHz) WLAN plus BT4.2 combo optimized solution for low power mobile consumer electronics.

  • It's portable and Things (IOT) devices.
  • ESP32 integrates all WLAN and BT functionality in a single package to support a low cost
  • Layout-friendly implementation while allowing flexibility for specific customization platform.
  • ESP32 is a highly integrated with less 10 external components.
  • ESp32 integrates transmit / receive RF functionality, including antenna switches, balun RF, balun amplifier;
  • Low power amplifier, filters, power management, and advanced calibration circuitries that allow the solution to dynamically adjust itself to s 'Adapt to external circuit.
  • All the reduced solution Printed Circuit Printed (PCB) area, time-to-market, and bill-of-material (BOM) costs while adding capabilities and processing power.
  • Mass production of ESP32 do not require expensive and specialized Wi-Fi test equipment.
  • ESP32's ultra low power consumption radio architecture and exclusive power save technologies spread paste life in real-applications of the world, using the following features:
  • Fine granularity clock-blocking, Several low-power modes, and Dynamic voltage scaling.

For example, in a low power IoT sensor hub application scenario:

  • ESP32 is woken periodically and only when a specified condition is detected;
  • Low duty cycle is used to minimize the amount of energy that the chip spends.
  • The power output of the power amplifier can also be adjusted, so that an optimal compromise between communication range, data rate and power consumption is achieved.


Parameters Values
Type: Voltage Regulator
Condition: New
Application: mp3 / mp4 player
Voltage Supply: GeneralPower
dissipation: generalOperating
Temperature: generalStyle
Number: ESP-32S
Custom: Yes
Weight: 0.02Kg