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(How To Update UPS Firmware via OTA)
(How To Enable Auto-Shutdown Protection Function)
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===How To Update UPS Firmware via OTA ===
===How To Update UPS Firmware via OTA ===
==How To Enable Auto-Shutdown Protection Function==
===How To Enable Auto-Shutdown Protection Function===
==How To Collect Data==
==How To Collect Data==
==How To Setup RTC==
==How To Setup RTC==

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UPS Plus




Register Mapping


PCB Drawing

Function Area Display

How To Assemble

How To Use

How To Update UPS Firmware via OTA

How To Enable Auto-Shutdown Protection Function

How To Collect Data

How To Setup RTC

How To Estimate Battery Power

How To Adjust The Sampling Period

How To Monitor Battery Temperature

How To Enable UPS function

How To Configure Programmable Shutdown/Force Restart



  • UPS Plus, GeeekPi UPS V5, UPS for Raspberry Pi