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Black prototype shield expansion board for Arduino


It is useful for DIY Arduino projects.
It contains several components such as screw terminal block connectors, LED light emitting diode, and pin headers, push buttons and so on.
And High-quality and Gold-plated finish to prevent oxidation, and all holes are through-plated for mounting strength
Lead free and RoHS compliant, Environment-friendly


  • Prototype for Arduino
  • PCB type: Double-sided
  • Surface finish: Gold plated to prevent oxidation
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 3.27"x2.09" (83mm x 54mm)
  • Mounting hole: M3 (Ø3.2mm)
  • Trace width: 0.04" (1mm)


  • Product outlook:
Bank 1.jpg
Bank 2.jpg
Bank 3.jpg
Bank 4.jpg
Bank 5.jpg
Bank 6.jpg


EP 0131 4.jpg

Mechnical Drawing

EP 0131 11.jpg

Package Includes

  • 3 x Adruino Prototype Shield Board Kit
EP 0131 9.jpg


  • Black prototype shield expansion board for Arduino, prototype shield