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ICE Tower Cooling Fan For Jetson Nano


Jetson Nano horizontal LED color fan radiator is a very cool radiator.
Its base is made of aluminum processed by CNC, which has fast heat dissipation, and can contact with the main chip of Jetson Nano very closely and provide very good heat dissipation effect due to the fins are very thin.
In addition, with the support of PWM speed regulating and seven color led heat dissipation fan, your Jetson Nano will no longer suffer from temperature problems and it is really cool!


  • Easy to assemble
  • CNC Machining
  • Aluminum Material and Steel Material
  • Steel Mounting Brackets
  • Seven Color LED heat dissipation Fan
  • Support PWM control the fan
  • Extreme heat dissipation


EP 0113 1.jpg
EP 0113 3.jpg
EP 0113 11.jpg
EP 0113 9.jpg
EP 0113 10.jpg