DockerPi DIY Programmable intelligent toycar SKU: EP-0109

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DockerPi DIY Programmable intelligent toycar


DockerPi DIY Programmable intelligent toycar is based on DockerPi Motor Board(A) and DockerPi Power Board.You could DIY it's appearance and power.

Of course,if you want to get started directly,we also provide the power board and Arcylic board for you.We offer several packages to you.The DockerPi

Power Board could provide powerful power for the car.You could choose to design its appearance by yourself.Besides,you could connect the camera module

to achieve the function of identifying objects.The following we will show you how to use the keyboard to control the car by pygame.


  • DockerPi Series
  • Programmable
  • Intelligent toycar
  • Easy to control
  • DIY
  • Selective control

Official Compatibility Test

Not only support the following development boards, other development boards can be compatible if they have I2C peripherals. (Note: some software changes may be required)

Platform DockerPi Power Notes
Raspberry Pi All Platform Not Include CM Series & EOL Platform


Package Includes


How to use

Software environment

First you need prepare a TF card to burn the raspbian.You can download the system from the official website.

When you finished this,please connect it by ssh.

  • First,please open the function of wireless function.Execute the following command:
 sudo vim /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
DockerPi DIY Car(1).png
  • Please configure your wireless
DockerPi DIY Car(2).png
  • Then you need install the python3's module pygame
DockerPi DIY Car(3).png

Hardware environment