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DeskPi Nano For Jetson Nano



DeskPi Nano is a DeskPin style aluminum alloy shell kit. It is a customized shell for Jetson Nano B01 version. It also provides a GPIO expansion board and a TF card expansion board. In addition to protecting the Jetson Nano motherboard, the appearance is also very good. Pretty.

Jetson Nano dose not include in the package and it only fit for Jetson Nano B01 Version.


  • Only for Jetson Nano B01 Version
  • Ultra-thin PWM fan radiator
  • Fixable TF Card Adapter Board
  • GPIO Adapter Board


  • Product Outlook
Deskpinano 1.jpg
Deskpinano 2.jpg
Deskpinano 3.jpg
Deskpinano 4.jpg
Deskpinano 5.jpg
DeskPi Nano.6.jpg
  • Fan Details

  • Dimentions

How to enable PWM Fan

  • Turn on DeskPi Nano and open a terminal, typing following command:
 sudo jetson-clocks 

It will enable fan control via system detection and sending PWM signal to the fan. you will see the fan is spinning.

Package Includes

  • 1 x DeskPi Nano Case (Pack)

How to assemble it


  • DeskPi Nano, Jetson Nano case, DeskPi