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DC 12V Brushless RGB light Fan

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DC 12V Brushless RGB light Fan, fast speed, large air volume, low noise.
It is suitable for various 3D printer accessories replacement, router heat dissipation and other scenarios.
NOTE: It is not fit for Raspberry Pi!!!


  • DC 12V Drive
  • RGB Backlight
  • Transparent Fan Blade
  • Low Noise


  • Operation Current: 0A
  • Input Power: 0.35W
  • Speed(At 25℃,To record speed after fan running normal, This time about 3~5minutes): 4500+/-10% RPM
  • Air flow(At zero static pressure): 4.8 CFM
  • Air Pressure(At zero air flow): 2.66 mmH2O
  • Acoustical Noise(AVG.): 22.63 dB(A)
  • Insulation Type: CLASS A (105°)
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  • DC 12V Brushless RGB Backlight Fan, Brushless fan, DC 12V fan, heat dissipation, 3D printer cooling fan