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(How to enable it via Programming)
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==Package Includes==
==Package Includes==
* 1 x 3510 adjustable speed fan heat sink for Raspberry Pi 4B
* 1 x 3510 adjustable speed fan heat sink for Raspberry Pi 4B

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3510 adjustable speed fan heat sink for Raspberry Pi 4B



This is a thin and lightweight heat sink, equipped with a 3510 ultra-quiet cooling fan, and the fan supports PWM speed regulation, which is perfectly compatible with Raspberry Pi OS. Other systems need to manually write python or C code to drive the fan speed through PWM.
NOTE: Supports Raspberry Pi 4B Only, Automatic speed control function only supports Raspberry Pi OS.


  • Lightweight and silent
  • Support PWM control speed regulation
  • Compatible with official system configuration
  • Easy to install and fix
  • Good heat dissipation effect


  • Product Outlook

Package Includes

  • 1 x 3510 adjustable speed fan heat sink for Raspberry Pi 4B
  • 1 x Screw driver
  • 2 x M2.5x6mm Screws
  • 4 x Thermal Pad
  • 1 x Instructions

How to assemble

  • 1. Paste thermal pad to Raspberry Pi 4B as shown.
  • 2. Fix heat sink with screws from the back of the Raspberry Pi.
  • 3. Connect the wires to GPIO, Red wrie to 5V, Black to GND and Blue one to GPIO14(TXD)

How to enable auto adjustable fan

  • Turn on Raspberry Pi and login.
  • Open a terminal and typing:
sudo raspi-config
  • Navigate to 4 Performance Options -> P4 Fan and select YES-> Input or keep it as 14->OK->input temperature in degrees should the fan turn on, for example: I'd like turn on the fan when the temperature reached to 65 degrees, input 65 and press Enter.

How to enable it via Programming

  • Make sure RPi.GPIO library has been installed.
  pip freeze |grep RPi.GPIO 

If feedback is:


means library is OK.

  • Open a terminal and create a file named: pwm-fan-control.py
  • Copy and paste following code into the file and save it.
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time
import subprocess

GPIO.setup(14, GPIO.OUT)
pwm = GPIO.PWM(14,100)

print("\nPress Ctrl+C to quit \n")
dc = 0

    while True:
        temp = subprocess.getoutput("vcgencmd measure_temp|sed 's/[^0-9.]//g'")
        if round(float(temp)) >= 65:
            dc = 100
            dc = 0
except KeyboardInterrupt:
    print("Ctrl + C pressed -- Ending program")
  • Execute it by typing:
python3 pwm-fan-control.py 
  • The fan will be turned on when the CPU temperature is reached to 65 degrees.


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