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USB Joystick controller Board



It is a USB controller board for Joystick and buttons, it can support playing game on PC, Raspberry Pi 1/2/3.
It also can be a small amplifier for your DIY Project.
For example, you can DIY a home arcade with this controller board with your Raspberry Pi or other device which support USB protocol, you can hook it up on your PC or laptop and hookup the joystick and buttons.

Compatibility List

  • Compatibility
Platform Version 2.04 Notes
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus
Raspberry Pi zero
Raspberry Pi zero W
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Raspberry Pi Model B+ Old version Image


  • Support PC、 Raspberry Pi 1/2/3 and Other devices which can support USB protocol onboard.
  • Appears as a USB HID device (joystick) to the host
  • Includes a stereo 3W amplifier (PAM8407) for use with 4Ω speakers
  • four-direction Joystick, 12+3 buttons, 6 analog channels, and two speakers
  • Self-Protection & Auto-Recovery 0.75A Fuse.

Mechanical drawing


Key Instructions

Name Function
UP/U Joystick up direction
DOWN/D Joystick down direction
LEFT/L Joystick left direction
RIGHT/R Joystick right direction
K1, K2, K3, K4, L2, R2, L1, R1, SE, ST, K11, K12 Digital Channels, connect to the buttons
SET Mode change, the mode light will turn on when it was on MODE 2
VOL+/VOL- Volume change
USB MicroUSB cable
+R- / -L+ Speakers Terminal Block Connector
AX, AY, AZ, ARX, ARY, ARZ Analog Input (R means Rotation)

NOTE: Sampling rate 1Msps/resolution 12bit

Function Parameters and Readme

Parameters Values
USB Protocol Version Beyond USB1.1
Input Interface USB cable: MicroUSB

Audio Input: JACK 3.5mm
Mode Change: SET
Volume: VOL+ 、VOL-
2pin x 4 Navigator: UP、DOWN、LEFT、RIGHT
5pin Navigator
2pin x 12 Digital Channel: K1-K12
3pin x 6 Analog Channel: AX、AY、AZ、ARX、ARY、ARZ

Output Interface Audio Output: 4pin Terminal Block Connector Panel
Note: AX means Analog X axies, AY means Analog Y axies.

Mode Functions Description

  • USB Signal Output Parameters
MODE Funciton
MODE 1(Default, LED OFF) 4 Navigator: UP、DOWN、LEFT、RIGHT

4 Analog Channel: AZ、ARX、ARY、ARZ
12 Digital Channel: K1-K12

MODE 2 (LED ON) 6 Analog Channel: AX、AY、AZ、ARX、ARY、ARZ

16 Digital Channel: K1-K12、UP、DOWN、LEFT、RIGHT

  • MODE 1 :
Joystick mode1 en.jpg

  • MODE 2:
Joystick mode2 en.jpg




  • USB Joystick Controller Board, amplifier controller, Raspberry Pi game pad, joystick controller