Starter Kit No.1

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Starter Kit GPIO Version


This Starter Kit No.1 is made for people who want to learn electrical knowledges that based on Raspberry Pi 3, Model B.
It contains a lot of component that you can make a lot of stuff with it. Everybody's first lesson is lighting up a led.
This article is a tutorial of basics for getting started quickly with Raspberry Pi kits.
If you're new to Raspberry, you can use it as a best tool to begin your journey!


  • Easy setup for Beginner
  • Step by step tutorial
  • High quality Sensors
  • Portable Mini experimental Plateform



How to Start

  • Download Each Lessons PDF version from links below:

Lesson1-Blink: File:Lesson1-Blink.pdf

Lesson2-Flowing Lights: File:Lesson2-Flowing Lights.pdf

Lesson3-Controlling 3 LEDs by a Button: File:Lesson3-Controlling 3 LEDs by a Button.pdf

Lesson4-LED Breathing Light(PWM): File:Lesson4-LED Breathing Light(PWM).pdf

Lesson5-SoftPWM: File:Lesson5-SoftPWM.pdf

Lesson6-7segments Digital LED Score Board: File:Lesson6-7segments Digital LED Score Board-min.pdf