New ABS H-Type Case for Raspberry Pi 4B SKU: ZP-0075

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New ABS H-Type Case for Raspberry Pi 4B

ZP 0075 4.jpg
ZP 0075 b02.jpg


This is a new case for Raspberry Pi 4B, this case is made of ABS material.
It is easy to install and the combination of fan and heat sinks can help with heat dissipation.
It can cool down your Raspberry pi quickly, so that the problem of heat dissipation no longer bothers your any more.
The top layer can be removed and you will access GPIO pins more easily than before.


  • ABS Material
  • Easy to Install
  • Removable Top Cover
  • Super Quiet Fan (4010)
  • Good Quality heat sinks (Aluminum)
  • Color: White / Black


  • White Color:
ZP 0075 4.jpg
ZP 0075 5.jpg
ZP 0075 3.jpg
  • Black Color:
ZP 0075 b02.jpg
ZP 0075 b04.jpg
ZP 0075 b03.jpg

How to assemble

  • Assemble steps:
ZP 0075 6.jpg
ZP 0075 b06.jpg


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