GeeekPi USB Joystick Control board with Amplifier SKU: EP-0080

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GeeekPi USB Joystick Control Board with Amplifier


It's a high quality USB Joystick Control Board with Amplifier module, you can use it on Windows, Linux, Mac or Raspberry Pi,
You can make an arcade by this board, you can attach the loudspeaker to this board and use two button to control the volume.


  • 1.Support PC on Windows/Linux OS, Raspberry Pi 1/2/3 B model with RetroPie.
  • 2.Appears as a USB HID device (joystick) to the host.
  • 3.Includes a stereo 3W amplifier (PAM8407) for use with 4Ω speakers.
  • 4.four-direction Joystick, 12+3 buttons, 6 analog channels, and two speakers
  • 5.It contains 0.75A AutoRecover fuse wire.


Parameters Values
USB version USB1.1
USB interface: microUSB
Audio Jack: JACK 3.5mm
Mode shift Port: SET
Volume Control Port: VOL+ /VOL-
Control Port: Navigator : UP、DOWN、LEFT、RIGHT 5pin Navigator 12个2pin数字通道按键:K1-K12

6个3pin模拟通道:AX、AY、AZ、ARX、ARY、ARZ 输出接口 音频输出:4pin端子

使用模式介绍: USB信号输出参数 模式一 (默认模式) 4个方向按键:UP、DOWN、LEFT、RIGHT 4个模拟通道:AZ、ARX、ARY、ARZ 12个数字通道:K1-K12 模式二 6个模拟通道:AX、AY、AZ、ARX、ARY、ARZ 16个数字通道:K1-K12、UP、DOWN、LEFT、RIGHT