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DockerPi PowerBoard[edit]


This is a power-related hat module in the DockerPi series.
It provides 5v/4A for all DockerPi and a total of 20w output power.
It powers all the electrical devices superimposed on the DockerPi, avoiding the overvoltage problem.
It also avoids the situation of burning the Raspberry Pi device caused by using GPIO to drive high-power devices.
The 3CM ultra-quiet fan is also integrated on the power board to ensure the operating temperature of the power board and it can also help raspberry pi to comsumptioning heat.
It supports infrared and button switch turning on and off the raspberry pi safely.
(Must install Drive) (Note: the switch will not affect the 12v output here), it can be called "safe shutdown" function.
Infrared drive and Raspberry Pi communication only through the I2C interface, It does not take up any additional GPIO pins and is ideal for overlaying multiple DockerPis.

Note: This module only supports installation at the bottom, which is the closest layer to the Raspberry Pi, and there is only one


  • Easy to install
  • Low power consumption
  • 12V high power input
  • Output Capability can be reached to 20W(5V/4A)
  • 3CM Super quiet Fan
  • 12V centralized power supply
  • Support I2C protocol for safe shutdown function
  • Compatiable with Docker Pi serial product


Mechanical Drawing[edit]

Package Include[edit]

  • 1* Docker Pi PowerBoard
  • 1* Remote controller
  • 1* Instructions
  • 4* M2.5 Copper stick
  • 4* M2.5 Nut

How to install safe shutdown drive[edit]

  • Flash your TF card with Raspbian OS which is download from
  • Make sure your Raspberry pi is connected to internet.
  • Open a terminal and typing this command:
wget -qO- | sudo bash
  • Reboot your Raspberry Pi and pressing the button of remote controller, it will shutdown your Pi safely.


The LED on board will blink all the time until you install the driver properly

Tutorial Video[edit]

To be continue...